4 Compelling Reasons to Plan Your Company’s Holiday Party Right Now

As summer comes to a close, September brings a ripe opportunity – the chance to think ahead to the holiday season and get organized. Once late October rolls around, it feels as though the months fly by with little time to get anything done, let alone plan a holiday party! Planning and executing a fantastic holiday party is a gesture of gratitude towards one’s team. It’s a way to thank all of the hardworking individuals for a great year, and get everyone pumped for the year ahead.

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We’ve Got the Inside Scoop on How One Chef Curates Her Delicious, Seasonal Menus

Why is it that butternut squash bisque is served all Fall long, while fresh arugula salad with goat cheese can be ordered in the Spring? A great deal of thought, care, and insight goes into the curating of each season’s menu in a given restaurant. To get a better idea of exactly what goes into this process, we’ve asked Chef Brandy, head sous chef at Junction Restaurant, one of the most renowned and season-focused restaurants in Vermont.

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8 Reasons The Burlington Farmer’s Market in Vermont is The King of Them All

Freshly baked bread, farm fresh cheeses, and handmade goods are just three reasons why farmer’s markets are such enjoyable events.

Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that gathering the community together to buy and sell goods has been the way of communities for centuries past, it’s a tradition, a cultural event. Before the age of technology and the instant ability to communicate, farmers market’s were the place to socialize, catch up on community happenings and gossip. Though we longer need farmers market’s to catch up on the news, we need them for a very crucial reason!