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Feeling The Winter Woes? Which Spa Treatments to Treat Yourself To, And Why

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Cold temperatures, all-encompassing apparel, and the desire to curl up by the fire are three attributes of winter. Attributes that hint to a lack of sun, swimsuits, and pedicures. It makes sense, why get a pedicure if one’s toes are always hidden away in socks and boots? Why deal with constant shaving and moisturizing when shorts and dresses are still months away? Why bother with an at-home face mask when your cheeks will go raw as soon as you step outside?

It can be challenging to shake off the winter woes, but with spring just around the corner, it’s time to reverse the harsh effects of winter and get pampered!

Until the sunshine and warm temperatures are here to soothe our mind, bodies, and spirits, it’s important to find other ways to do so. Getting pampered at a spa is always an excellent way to feel refreshed and do some damage control! Here are a few different ways you can scrub winter right off and prepare for spring!

Six Amazing Reasons to Book a Spa Treatment Day

Warm-Up From The Inside Out

spa treatment dayWhen cold, muscles tend to shorten, shrink, and become stiff. Even if you have a heated home, workplace, etc. those moments, however brief, in the winter weather take a toll on the body. After a while, the muscles become so tight they might cause physical tension, which can translate into metal stress! Do your body and yourself a favor and get a relaxing massage! The point of a massage is to warm up the muscles enough to get them nice and loose and tension-free.

Get Rid of The Dry Layers

Cold weather means dry, dry, dry everything. Even the best shea butter can only do so much after months of cold temperatures. If you’d like to shed a few layers of dry skin to give birth to fresh, new, moisturized layers then opt for a sea salt scrub or dry scrub exfoliation. Exfoliation is an effective way to remove dead skin – sea salt will do so gently and thoroughly and dry exfoliation will reduce cellulite. After your exfoliating experience, you’ll be enveloped in soothing lotions and oils, resulting in a fresh, new, moisturized you!

Plan Your Spa Escape Now

Soothe Your Spirit

Missing the sun? Long, dark days getting you down? A great treatment to help enhance one’s spirit and relieve any stress is through a reiki session. Reiki is a Japanese technique, which utilizes gentle hands-on energy healing techniques which promote many beneficial effects such as feelings of peace, well-being, and security.

Replenish Your Inspiration

spa treatment dayMotivation isn’t always easy to come by in the midst of wintertime. What’s a surefire way to spark your inspiration and feel motivated to take on the world? A new do. A refreshing salon sesh that will result in a fresh hair color and/or cut will leave you feeling beautiful on the outside, which will help you feel inspired on the inside!

Sweat Out Toxins

Steam rooms and saunas offer a plethora of amazing benefits, and after a long cold winter, there is nothing better than stimulating the system through heat. Steam rooms cause you to sweat allowing your system to quickly remove toxins and cleanse the body. Saunas are a dry heat which can soothe your nerve endings, relaxes muscles, and relieve body tension to help minimize joint pain. Create a healthy surge of blood flow by switching from the heat of a sauna to a cold shower. Both facilities open up your pores and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which will effectively aid in softening your skin.

No Time, No Worries

Working long hours? No time for spa treatments? Not to fret, there are plenty of DIY options to scrub off winter and reveal a fresh you. Many spas and salons sell top of the market products to help you achieve your beauty and self-care goals.

A few product recommendations include:

  • SPARITUAL – Instinctual Sand Scrub – helps nourish and moisturize dry skin
  • PURE INVENTIONS – Blueberry + White Tea (memory-focus-immunity) With antioxidants, supports memory & focus, fights free radical damage
  • ILLUME – Coconut Milk Mango Lavish Hand Crème – not only does it smell like sunshine & warmer days – it will help bring back your skin’s natural moisture until it’s smooth and wonderful
  • URSA MAJOR – Golden Hour Recovery Cream – Guys get dry skin too – this face moisturizer is not only wrinkle-busting but great for recovering from prolonged exposure to the elements.  So go ahead and take that extra run down the mountain
  • MIRABELLA  – Coral Flash Color Vinyl Lipstick for a splash of color and (added bonus!) the antioxidant Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract rejuvenates lips.


Need more? How About a Spa Membership! Learn More Here.

Wishing for a spa getaway? Go ahead and treat yourself to a weekend at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Not only does the spa at The Essex feature nearly all of the aforementioned treatments, it also carries all of the products listed above.

Before, after, or in-between treatments spa guests can also enjoy a dip in the 25-yard indoor pool. If a good workout is what you’re craving before of after a spa treatment, then you’ll love the fully-equipped fitness center at the spa.

Come in for a weekend getaway, swing by for just the day, or pop in for a product or two. However you want to reverse the harsh effects of winter, we can help!

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