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Why a Vacation in Vermont May Be The Best One You’ll Ever Have

vermont summer vacations

What makes a vacation great? Really, think about it – think back to whichever vacations you took that stand out as the best ones. Why?

We might all come up with different reasons, for some it could have been the cuisine, for others perhaps it was the relaxation, and for many, it could be the adventures.

We’re willing to guess that most responses to the question can all be pinpointed back to two main factors: the people you were with, and the authenticity of where you were.

Happiness if often derived from time spent with loved ones, and in our copycat society experiencing something unique is a true pleasure.

With that in mind, where do you plan on vacationing next?

Not sure? Let us suggest a vacation destination that will top your list of best vacations ever had.

Here’s How Vermont Summer Vacations Are Amazing

Seriously, Vermont slays the vacation game, especially over the summer, and here’s exactly why:

Keep Vermont Weird

vermont summer vacations
Source: Keep Vermont Weird, Facebook

Officially speaking, Vermont’s state slogan is “The Green Mountain State,” which is a lovely and accurate slogan. Yet, unofficially the state slogan is “Keep Vermont Weird,” which is also completely accurate and an excellent indicator of how fantastic Vermont is. Vermont is not a state where you have to dress to impress, act to impress, or even try to impress anyone at anytime. Vermont is the kind of state where people, places, and things, are celebrated for their individuality and authenticity. And yes, their weirdness too.

So you can spend your summer vacation, in Vermont being unique, weird, fun, silly, or whatever else, and have a blast doing it alongside everyone else.

Nature Explosion

Ok, so you know how in some places you have to drive to “get to nature”? Or you have to purposefully go “find the nature”? Well, in Vermont everything’s “ nature.” Nature is abundant and vibrantly everywhere! You will likely never feel as refreshed in a place as you can throughout Vermont. Invigorating is the best word to describe Vermont’s nature.

Besides just seeing the nature, everywhere, you can engage with nature in any way you desire. Most of us are decidedly different levels of “outdoorsy,” but Vermont is happy to support whichever level you’re on. For example:

Super Outdoorsy – backpack through the Green Mountains.

Semi-Outdoorsy – day hike through the Green Mountains.

Not So Outdoorsy – Look at epic views of the Green Mountains from the car or inside someplace.

For more information on all things Green Mountains, visit here.

A True Vermont Experience – Escape to The Essex

The Mysterious Lake Champlain

vermont summer vacationsLake Champlain is the nation’s sixth largest freshwater lake, which spans two states and the Canadian border. Lake Champlain also has it’s very own Loch Ness Monster, which is appropriately named “Champ”. To summarize – Lake Champlain is epic.

Once again, like the rest of Vermont’s nature, you can experience Lake Champlain in a variety of ways, stemming from super outdoorsy to not so outdoorsy, and all still have a fantastic time. For example:

Super Outdoorsy – Fishing, swimming, or scuba-diving.

Semi-Outdoorsy – Stand-up paddling, kayaking, or floating.

Not So Outdoorsy – Island hopping (on a comfortable boat), beach picnic, or looking out onto the lake from a dining establishment.

Check out the details for those activities here.

Tastebud Excitement

Vermont is the kind of place where less is more. When it comes to cuisine, it’s traveled less far, it has fewer additives, it’s been to less (or zero) factories. Essentially, it’s really easy to find local, fresh, and delicious cuisine! In fact, many Vermont locals are rather talented in the kitchen, and you can be, too!

A few locally made Vermont specialties include:

Craft Beer Heaven

Vermont is one of the most respected beer destinations in the world. Not just the country, but the entire world. Hill Farmstead Brewery was ranked the best brewery in the world in 2016 by RateBeer. There’s no need to go on and on here, the idea is Vermont has lots of craft beer and it’s delicious.

Not only is the beer delicious, but there are ample exciting ways to taste it. Go on a Burlington Beer Tour and there will be no further questions as to why Vermont is awesome.

vermont summer vacationsHappiness-Inducing Covered Bridges

Have you ever seen a picture of a quaint looking covered bridge? Maybe painted in a lovely red or blue? Do pictures of covered bridges make you smile? Good, because Vermont is full of cute covered bridges! Vermont has about 104 of them, giving you every opportunity for a covered bridge Insta pic.

Maple Flavored Life

Ever wondered what a maple-flavored life would taste like? Now you can find out. Vermont has every maple-flavored item that exists, and many that you weren’t aware existed. This is because Vermont produces a significant percentage of the world’s maple syrup! So go ahead, try the:

  • Maple nuts
  • Maple drops
  • Maple cream
  • Maple pancakes
  • Maple cookies
  • Maple beer

There are way too many to completely list, so you’ll just have to visit Vermont to find out what other maple delights await!

Church Street Shopping

Nearly all memorable vacations include at least a little shopping. Vermont isn’t only trees, mountains and maple syrup, but rather its trees, mountains, maple syrup, and Church Street. Located in downtown Burlington, Vermont, Church Street is an open-air marketplace waiting for you to discover its charms. On Church Street, you can shop in upscale boutiques, quaint antique shops, or at pop-up tents. It’s a National Register Historic District and has been named one of the Great Public Spaces in America, due to its historic buildings, thriving retail, and carefully maintained streets and walkways. Come to Church Street to shop, dine, and enjoy the day!

The People Are Awesome

Last, but not least, we’ll leave you with our favorite reason Vermont slays the vacation game – the people are incredible. If you didn’t gather from the official state slogan that Vermonters must be epic, let us tell you – Vermonters are epic. During your vacation, you will be blown away by how kind, intelligent, funny, and down-to-Earth the average local is, and there’s a healthy chance you may just wish you lived in Vermont yourself.

Do you need more reasons or incentive to visit Vermont? We think not. Yet, we have more! A huge part of what can make any vacation memorable are the accommodations, and Vermont boasts one of the most fantastic resorts in the country – The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. Nestled at the foot of the Green Mountains in the scenic Lake Champlain Valley, The Essex is an 18-acre resort minutes from Burlington International Airport and is surrounded by all that Vermont is famous for. Book your stay and embark on one of your most enjoyable and memorable vacations to date!

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