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7 Delicious Reasons to Plan a Getaway to The Essex – Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa

essex culinary resort

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also said that one quick path to the heart of a person is through their stomach.

Kitchen’s and cuisine bring people together, and it’s no small wonder why. Cuisine is how we nourish ourselves, and the kitchen is the place we can gather together to do exactly that. A bright inviting kitchen filled with enticing aromas is an experience that never gets old.

Typically when we think of cooking a few places come to mind – our family kitchens, restaurants, cooking schools, wineries, and the supermarket.
What if you could have a vacation that was completely focused on the art of cooking and the delicious nourishment that stems from cooking?

Now you can!

Discover The Essex Culinary Resort

Tucked away in Vermont at the foothills of the breathtaking Green Mountains lies The Essex – Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. Though The Essex has been cuisine focused from its inception, it recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation to transform into an “All Things Culinary” Resort. If you enjoy eating, learning to cook, and/or spending time in the countryside, we know you’ll fall in love with The Essex. Here are our favorite reasons why you should book your stay at The Essex ASAP!

essex culinary resort1. Enjoy a Pastry Shop Welcome

Immediately upon arriving into The Essex, you will be greeted with a dazzling display of cakes and hand-made pastries. This is because the reception desk is going to double as a pastry shop counter!

2. You Can Always Take a Cookie + Coffee Break

Similar to how the kitchen is the heart of the home, the lobby is the heart of a hotel. The Essex’s lobby has a new heart – the Coffee Lounge. In between adventures, cooking lessons, or just because, swing by the Coffee Lounge to grab a drink, breakfast pastry, or an afternoon cookie. The Lounge is designed in an internet cafe style, so this can also be where you catch up on emails or post your beautiful photos to Instagram.

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3. Feel Nostalgic at The Vermont Farmhouse Kitchen

The Vermont Farmhouse Kitchen will steal your heart and bring forth the happiest kitchen memories you may have. Spend time here dining privately, taking a cooking class, or enjoying any of the other culinary events that take place year round. Sometimes the Farmhouse Kitchen displays cakes and merchandise for sale as well.

4. Devour Hundreds of Cookbooks in The Culinary Library

Do you love to cook? Do you get an adrenaline rush when you stumble upon a new gem of a recipe? If so, the Culinary Library is the place for you! Cozy up in the comfortable rocking chair next to the roaring fire (in the colder months) and read as many cookbooks as your heart desires!

essex culinary resort5. Take Your Pick: Baking, Harvest Fresh, or Spice Rack Themed Rooms

Some hotel rooms have color themes, others have design themes, but the newly renovated Essex rooms feature culinary themes! The Art of Baking themed rooms feature flour colored walls, wicker basket-style flooring, tea towel inspired throws on the beds, and butcher block side tables!

The second option are the delightful Harvest Fresh themed rooms. These rooms feature subtle shades which invoke green herbs, luscious ripe vegetables and stone ground wheat. Earthy textures, organic elements and artwork inspired by the resort’s lavish herb and vegetable gardens are displayed against natural colored walls and flooring.

The third room theme option are the playful Spice Rack themed rooms. In these rooms, you’ll find lush shades of Paprika, Ground Cumin, and onion powder. Soft upholstery, warm blankets, and deliciously unexpected elements including art featuring corresponding recipes.

6. Expand Your Cooking Skills at The Cook Academy

Magic always happens in the kitchen of the beloved Cook Academy. The classes span the foods of France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Latin America and Louisiana! There are also classes based on cooking with Vermont ingredients – namely craft beers and maple syrup! Another exciting aspect of the Cook Academy are the excursions offered – tours of local farms and vineyards.

essex culinary resort7. Taste, Nosh, and Dine on All The Flavors at Junction and The Tavern

Aside from looking at the cuisine-oriented decor, reading cookbooks, or taking cooking classes, you can spend as much time as you’d like doing the most enjoyable cuisine activity – eating! The Essex features two incredible restaurants for your pleasure – Junction and The Tavern. Both feature imaginative menus prepared by top chefs, using fresh ingredients from the resort gardens, locally sourced meats, poultry and fish, artisanal Vermont cheeses and maple syrup. There are plenty of acclaimed wines on the wine list and an enormous selection of microbrews – many of which are local.

For an added layer of interaction, Junction offers an open kitchen where you can actually watch the professional chefs at work!

Are your taste buds watering yet? We hope so! If being immersed in a cuisine culture sounds like the ideal getaway, then it’s time to book your stay at the newly renovated Essex. Spend your summer vacation amidst the natural beauty of Vermont while satisfying every taste bud with delectable dishes. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

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