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Pack Your Bags, It’s Time For an Outdoor Adventure Getaway to Burlington, Vermont

outdoor adventure vacations

Sore muscles, sweat, and funky tan lines, the aftermath of an adventure fully experienced. Our great nation boasts a variety of incredible natural landscapes from white sand beaches, magnificent mountains, rugged forests, beautiful deserts, and more.

Many of the most iconic outdoor destinations in the U.S. become crowded and overbooked in the summer and early autumn. For true nature adventure enthusiasts hiking in a horde of other people, for example, just isn’t the ideal scenario.

This vacation season, skip the popular hangouts and opt for somewhere refreshingly less famous.

Burlington, Vermont, a city in Northwestern Vermont and bordered by Lake Champlain on its west side, is a small slice of nature’s paradise. Vermont, in general, is one of the most rad states of all (link to why Vermont is unique or whatever that blog was called), and Burlington is a prime example as to why. The city can best be described as a haven for arts, culture, beer, maple syrup, and the great outdoors. The emphasis lies on the great outdoors, though.

Looking for Outdoor Adventure Vacations? Here’s Why to Choose Vermont

Once the chilly winter temperatures clear out, incredible outdoor adventures abound. Our favorites include:


outdoor adventure vacationsVermont is dubbed the Green Mountain State for a reason, and the best time to find out why is during the summer months! The enchanting woods and magnificent mountains will inspire your spirit and set your legs to take in new heights! Hiking is a fantastic way to explore the Vermont wilderness.

Recommended Family Friendly Hikes Include:

Recommended Advanced Hikes Include:

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outdoor adventure vacationsWith the wind blowing past your skin, the sun shining down, and the gorgeous scenery whizzing by, there are few better ways to take in Vermont than atop two wheels! Cruise along scenic Lake Champlain, make your way down the 7.5 mile Burlington Bike Path, or explore the sights of the city of Burlington via biking! There are so many incredible bike paths to enjoy.

Recommended Bike Paths Include:

Mountain Biking

Calmy cruising around may be delightful for some, but we know there are plenty of folks out there who crave the adrenaline rush of mountain biking!

Recommended Mountain Biking Trails Include:


outdoor adventure vacationsSummer sunshine inspires even the most land lovers to take to the water! Since Burlington sits along the eastern side of Lake Champlain, it’s perfectly situated for kayaking. Spend an afternoon working your arms and enjoying the refreshing feel of the lake. Besides kayaking on the lake, you can also SUP or canoe. To check out the rental prices and offerings of the lake, visit here.

Getaway to Vermont – Plan Your Visit >>

Drum Roll Please…. The Appalachian Trail!

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic and challenging adventures to be had in the U.S. is hiking the Appalachian Trail. Though it is much less daunting when taken a few miles at a time for leisure’s sake rather than going the whole way! A beautiful chunk of the trail winds it’s way through Vermont. Known as the Long Trail System, this section in Vermont features 272-miles of footpath, 185 miles of side trails, and around 70 backcountry campsites. It’s safe to say there are endless opportunities for day hikers! The trail follows the main ridge of the stunning Green Mountains. This trail can be best be described as rugged! If you’re dying to get a taste of Vermont’s unspoiled beauty, this is as amazing as it gets!

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