Falling for Foliage? Here’s How to Make The Most of Leaf Peeping in Vermont

leaf peeping in vermont

If you’ve never been to Vermont in the fall, then you’re missing out! A mere two words summarize exactly why that is – leaf peeping. Vermont’s nature is grand year-round, but when every tree is ablaze with vibrantly colored leaves, autumn easily tops every other season.

Leaf Peeping in Vermont – Tips to Ensure You Make the Most of The Season

Except, merely visiting Vermont in the autumn doesn’t guarantee you the best leaf peeping experience. There are quite a few key considerations to make when planning a Vermont leaf peeping getaway. For the best chance at peeping at as many leaves as possible, follow these general guidelines:

Leaf Peeping Season is From Mid-September to Mid-October

leef peeping in vermontOnce late October arrives nearly all of the colorful leaves will have fallen, and the vibrant show is over. Be sure to plan your trip during that month-long time frame of mid-September through mid-October.

Elevation Effects Color Change

One important part of planning a leaf peeping trip is considering which part of the leaf peeping season you’ll be able to take a trip during. Let’s say, for example, you know you can get away the second weekend in September. In that case, you’ll want to plan to leaf peep higher in the mountains. The higher elevated trees change color sooner; the lower elevated trees change color later in the season.

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Rent a Car For True Leaf Peeping Adventure!

It’ll be nice to make your leaf peeping headquarters at a cozy hotel or inn, but having a car will afford you the opportunity to adventure around in search of the very best foliage displays.

Book In Advance If Possible

The dazzling display of color is so magnificent it attracts visitors from around the country. For the best chance at securing your accommodation and rental car preferences, book your trip in advance.

leef peeping in vermontUse the Vermont Fall Foliage Reports

Leaf peeping season is one of the most popular times to visit Vermont, and as a result, the state is well-equipped to guide visitors. One of the best resources you can use is the Vermont Fall Foliage Report.

Plan Seasonally Oriented Snack Stops

Enjoy all the wonders of fall in one trip! Take in the peeping leaves while you sip apple cider, enjoy Vermont’s famed maple syrup, and nosh on all the pumpkin and squash soups.

For cozy accommodations surrounded by vibrant leaves, book your stay at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. In between leaf peeping adventures, you can expect your taste buds to be wowed, and your senses fully stimulated at The Essex. You’ll be so inspired by all that you see and taste, you’ll be ready to take a fall-themed cooking course at The Essex’s Cook Academy.

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