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5 Ways to Turn Your Next Vacation Into a Culinary Retreat

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Have you ever taken a getaway to satisfy your taste buds? Many of us plan getaways to tropical beach resorts to relax, or to exotic jungles for discovery and adventure. Most vacations serve our physical bodies and delight our eyes. The cuisine is always a part of a vacation, but what if you could plan a getaway focused on it?

Here’s How to Plan Your Culinary Retreat

For all the food loving, taste discerning folks out there, you deserve a trip that will satisfy your soul! Not sure what a culinary getaway is? Here are a few ways to go about planning one.

1. Choose The Destination For a Culinary Reason

Culinary Retreat

This time around, instead of basing the destination choice off of a beach, the weather, or region, base it off of cuisine. This could be in the form of a particular foodie-oriented city or a culinary-focused resort, or both! All cities have food, and all resorts have a restaurant or two, but certain cities are flavor meccas and certain resorts feature extra cuisine offerings, i.e., cooking school, on-site produce garden, renowned chef(s), etc.

2. Book a Food Tour, or Plan a Self-Guided One

You’re going to want to get a lay of the land once you arrive – food-wise! Instead of a Segway tour focusing on the history, or a walking tour focused on the art, you’ll be tasting your way around town. Most cuisine-focused cities feature tour companies that can guide you, or, if you prefer, you can research where to eat and design your own self-guided tour.

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3. Take a Cooking Lesson, or Two

Getting to the cuisine of an area is a direct path to understanding the culture of that area. We often think language, customs, and design are what we need to familiarize ourselves with, but the cuisine is just as important, if not more, than all else! If you’ve chosen to stay at a culinary-themed resort, chances are you can take cooking lessons there, otherwise research the cooking class availabilities in the destination you have in mind.  

Culinary Retreat4. Take a Tour of a Farm or Other Food Production Establishment

Chances are any foodie town has a few nearby farms, orchards, wineries, chocolatiers, etc. To round out your culinary getaway, plan some time to tour the local farm and taste the fresh products. Certain farms may even offer farm-to-table events, or they might partner with restaurants in town to do such an event.

5. Peruse the Local Farmer’s Market

A true foodie town will have an unbelievably fantastic Farmer’s Market. These usually happen on the weekends at specific times, so definitely be sure to research in advance. Plan to spend anywhere from 1-3 hours strolling through, tasting the fresh goods, purchasing handmade items, and getting more insight into the culture of the town.

Now that you have plenty of ideas on how to turn your next trip into a foodie getaway, all you need to do is determine where you want to go! For a destination filled with abundant nature, a charming town, kindhearted people, and an obsession with food and flavor look no further than Burlington, Vermont. To round out your Burlington experience, you can book a stay at the one-of-a-kind culinary resort in Burlington – The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.

The Essex is a culinary destination all on its own; it features two award-winning restaurants, a cooking school, its own garden, culinary-themed guestrooms, a pastry-shop reception desk, a coffee lounge in the lobby, and a culinary library. One could easily spend an entire weekend immersed in cuisine, and cuisine themed activities at The Essex alone. Wherever you choose to visit, be sure to give yourself plenty of scheduled time to rest and digest over your trip! Bon Appetit!

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