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4 Reasons Why Vermont Should be on Your Beer Bucket List For 2018

vermont craft beer

We do not participate in beer snobbery of any sort, but rather just love to drink the stuff, have a particular fondness for Vermont varietals, and are hoping to brighten your day by talking about all things Vermont beer!

Here’s Why Vermont Craft Beers Should Be in Your Future

As far as we’re concerned, January is a time to make travel plans for the year ahead, and what goes better with travel than a pint? Craft beer has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with different cities making their debut to the craft beer scene every few months. Vermont, as a whole, is an excellent place to enjoy beer, if we do say so ourselves. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the Vermont beer scene, let us paint a picture as to why 2018 is the year you should!

vermont craft beers

There’s a Vermont Beer Trail

No really, there is! Beer enthusiasts around the country visit Vermont to go on self-guided brewery tours (or actual guided tours as well). If, for example, you were to visit Burlington breweries on Saturday and then head to Stowe and visit more breweries there on Sunday, chances are you’ll run into some of the same people. It’s like being on a Europe trip while in your 20’s, everyone sniffs around the same places. Unlike being in your 20s in Europe, Vermont has a super chilled out vibe, and hangovers are slightly less rampant.

Vermont Has the Highest Number of Breweries Per Capita

Meaning, Vermont has A LOT of beer. Does that mean it has the best beer? Certainly not, but ask around, and most beer nerds will speak highly of Vermont beer if you get to chatting about the topic with them. Why is this a reason Vermont’s beer scene is the best? Because it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be in a situation without a beer 😉

vermont craft beers

The State Almost Always Has a Beer in The Top 10

For many beer lovers, the go-to source for discovering the latest and greatest beers is Beer Advocate. Beer Advocate consistently ranks the tops beers, and there’s almost always at least one Vermont beer in the top 10. Currently, as this is being written, the Heady Topper of The Alchemist Brewery in Stowe is number three on that list.

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The point is, it’s not just hearsay that Vermont beer is delicious, it’s factual. You may wait in line to taste Heady Topper just to discover you don’t care for it, but between the other four or more breweries you visits (because you should visit at least five), we guarantee you’ll find more than a couple of beers that tickle your fancy.

vermont craft beer

Locals Are Weird, and They Like it That Way

Let’s be real, Vermont is a weird state. Why? Because the locals like it that way. A popular slogan around the state is “keep Vermont weird.” We don’t like to take life too seriously. Instead, we’d rather just kick back with a good beer and have some laughs. Make fun of ourselves. Pour maple syrup on foods you wouldn’t believe. But in all seriousness, the state is weird and sometimes the beer is too. Burlington Beer Company has a beer named It’s Complicated Being a Wizard. Enough said.

Looking for good beer, good times, and good company in 2018? Pack up the car, pick up some friends, and take a road trip around Vermont on our somewhat newly minted beer trail. When you need a place to crash in Burlington, pop into The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa where we’ll talk your ears off about our beer, feed you delicious cuisine and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy about Vermont.

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