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7 Engaging Ways to Enjoy Time Indoors During the Cold Months

Winter Activities in Vermont

Baby, it’s cold outside, and we’ve got some excellent ideas on how to take advantage of being indoors! For the majority of Americans, months on end of chilly temperatures is a once-a-year event and can begin to feel like an indoor sentence. The winter weather is embraced excitedly at the beginning of the season, but once a few months have passed it’s less fun and exciting, right?

Winter Activities in Vermont

Perhaps, but we’re here to brighten your winter day with a few fun and unusual ideas on how to maximize your time indoors. The beauty of seasons is that each one affords us different opportunities, experiences, and activities to enjoy. Since winter has been going strong for a few months now, it’s the perfect time to send a little inspiration your way! Here are our favorite ways to maximize the indoor-season!

winter activities in vermont

1. Become a Chef Extraordinaire!

When it’s cold outside, and daylight is limited, the time is ripe to spend more time in the kitchen concocting new recipes, perfecting recipes, and just having a little fun. If you enjoy cooking or wish to practice cooking more, this is the ideal time to whip out one of the cookbooks on the shelf, search through Pinterest, or head to a cooking class! You can learn new dishes to bring to dinner parties or think ahead to what you’d like to serve at the spring BBQ.

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2. Practice Your Downward Facing Dog

Yoga is all the rage, and we can see why – it feels so good to stretch the muscles, get the blood flowing, spend some time upside down, and release tension. Whether you prefer to head to your local yoga studio or practice at home with an online class, you can do all the yoga while staying inside!

For those less interested in yoga, consider trying out a new fitness modality! Nearly all fitness establishments are indoors, leaving you an abundance of options. Crossfit, Orangetheory, spin classes, pilates, barre, circuit training, and so many more await!

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3. Catch Up on All The Shows

Waiting patiently each week for the latest episode of your favorite show is a thing of the past. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO Go, and more, we can binge watch every season of Game of Thrones (finally, I understand all of the “Winter is Coming” memes). Spring, Summer, and Fall are reserved for as many hours outdoors as possible, but winter is the perfect season for a weekend of binge-watching!

Those less inclined towards dramas may enjoy having access to the various streaming channels wide range of documentaries! Learn about the latest murder mystery, the animals of India, or what Bitcoin is. The array of documentary topics is immense; we’ve no doubt you’ll find something to capture your interest!

winter activities in vermont

4. Nourish The Brain With Some Major Book (or Kindle) Time

Reading is best done curled up someplace cozy, with a blanket, some tea or hot chocolate, and a crisp feel in the air. Winter was made for reading, so take advantage of the season and expand your mind! Or, dive into a guilty pleasure novel: a romance, intense sci-fi, murder mystery, whatever you please. Go old school and head to your local library, rent library books on your Kindle, or consider joining a book club!

5. Treat The Mind, Body, and Soul

Cheer up your spirit, soothe your skin, and release muscular tension with a trip to the spa. Take inventory of what may need some pampering. Is your skin super dry? Go in for a wrap, scrub, or facial. Are your muscles tense from the cold or working long hours? Opt for a deep tissue massage. Has the weather been making you feel glum? See if your local spa offers reiki!

winter activities in vermont

6. Learn, and Dominate New Dinner Party Games

When was the last time you learned how to play a board game or group party game? You may not be heading to the park to throw the frisbee back and forth with the gang, but you can have a great time drawing pictures with Telestrations or be a quick thinker with a few rounds of Taboo. We recommended heading to Target to see what new games might entice you!

7. Indulge in Some Serious #Wanderlust

For those souls who just can’t wait to travel, spend your winter evenings combing YouTube for the most wanderlust-inspiring videos, following Instagram’s top travel influencers, or spinning the globe to try and decide where to visit next! Or, spend a little time planning a weekend getaway to rejuvenate! There are, often, plenty of places to visit within a day, or less, drive from your own home. Whatever type of travel you’re in the mood to plan, you’ve got everything you need to get started from right inside your house!

We hope one, or more, of these indoor activity ideas, tickle your fancy and help you enjoy the winter months a little more. If you have more ideas, please send them our way!

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