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5 Ways You Can Pamper Your Guy This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the holiday of love, it’s the females that get all of the attention, usually. This Valentine’s Day, we are suggesting something preposterous, spoiling the males! Easier said than done, though, right?

Gift giving opportunities are generally focused on women because more often than not, women are a bit easier to give to. Gifts, experiences, food, love notes, nearly any act of love goes over well with women.

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7 Engaging Ways to Enjoy Time Indoors During the Cold Months

Baby, it’s cold outside, and we’ve got some excellent ideas on how to take advantage of being indoors! For the majority of Americans, months on end of chilly temperatures is a once-a-year event and can begin to feel like an indoor sentence. The winter weather is embraced excitedly at the beginning of the season, but once a few months have passed it’s less fun and exciting, right?

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8 Reasons The Burlington Farmer’s Market in Vermont is The King of Them All

Freshly baked bread, farm fresh cheeses, and handmade goods are just three reasons why farmer’s markets are such enjoyable events.

Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that gathering the community together to buy and sell goods has been the way of communities for centuries past, it’s a tradition, a cultural event. Before the age of technology and the instant ability to communicate, farmers market’s were the place to socialize, catch up on community happenings and gossip. Though we longer need farmers market’s to catch up on the news, we need them for a very crucial reason!

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A Festival to Get Truly “Jazzed” About in Burlington, Vermont

Anyone who thinks Jazz is a dying music form hasn’t been to the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. Jazz the musical genre that shocked and awed when it first erupted onto the scene in the early 20th century. The music that inspired a new gusto for life. The music that broke all the rules and relished in it.

Jazz of the past, present, and future is spectacular, and the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival aims to share, show, and teach the community all about it. This year marks the beloved festivals 34th year and it’s looking to be one of the best years yet!